Floating Support

Floating Support

What do we do?

The Floating Support team provides structured support to young people aged 16 to 25 years to enable them to successfully manage a tenancy. We offer intensive holistic support tailored to meet their individual needs.

We work in partnership with agencies across the city including health, social care and education. Everyone has a support plan that is monitored and reviewed every three months to ensure any change in needs are identified and met.

We encourage and support young people to build life skills to not only live independently, but to enable them to access training, education and/or employment, so that they can move forward and eventually become completely self-sufficient. 

These young people can be single, in a couple, lone parents or a young family.  As long as one applicant is under 25 years old then we can support couples where the partner may be over 25. 

How do we do it?

We provide intensive support for a young person or family, who is either living independently or planning to live independently, who needs support with one or more of the following:

  • parenting
  • debt
  • budgeting
  • training/employment
  • emotional wellbeing
  • health and physical wellbeing
  • vulnerable due to lifestyle choices
  • drugs and alcohol
  • relationship issues
  • crime and offending.

How to make a referral

If a young person meets the age criteria then the following must apply:

  • they have intensive support needs and are not just in need of a house and tenancy set up as this can be supported by YHN’s Advice & Support Team.

Referral should be made using the standard referral form, available from Young People's Service referrals or by phoning 0191 277 1190.  

All sections of the form should be completed with as much information as possible to enable us to make an assessment as to whether or not we should accept the referral, based on level of need.

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