Repairs - rechargeable works

Your questions answered

What is the rechargeable works scheme?

The scheme covers certain work that you would like carried out, which is not Your Homes Newcastle’s responsibility. You are responsible for providing all the information that is needed and for paying for the work.

What types of work are covered by the “Rechargeable Works Scheme”

The following work is covered

  • Security alarms
  • Electric fires

What standard of work can I expect?

The work will be done to Modern Homes Standard specification.
Contact us on 0191 278 3842 for details.

What choice of material or colour can I have?

The choice will be the same as the Modern Homes Programme.
Contact us on 0191 278 3842 for details.

What financial checks will you carry out?

We will check that your rent account has been clear for at least three months before you applied. We will also check that you have not missed any other payments you owe us.

How do I apply for works to be done under the scheme?

You must complete the “Request for Rechargeable Work” form giving details of the work that you would like done. You can get the form from your Community Housing Office and we can help you fill in the form if you would like.

Will I get an estimate of how much the work will cost?

We will give you an idea of the cost soon after you apply to help you decide if you want to go ahead.

What information will I need to give you?

Some work needs consent, some does not. The Area Maintenance Surveyor will send you a letter telling you which planning, building control and structural consents you need to send us before the work can go ahead.

How do I get the planning, building control and structural consents?

Newcastle City Council Planning and Building Control departments will ask you for a description of the work. After you have given this they will write to you to tell you if an application for approval is needed.

Will I have to pay any fees for planning, building control and structural consents?

There will be fees to pay to Newcastle City Council for any consents and you are responsible for paying the fee. When they write to tell you that you need approval they will tell you what fees you have to pay.

Once I have the consents where do I need to send them?

You must send two copies of the consents to us at the Community Housing Office.

How do I find out the actual cost of the work?

After you have provided us with the information we have asked for we will write to you with a fixed quote for the work and tell you how to pay the deposit.

Will I be told when the work is starting?

Yes. When the deposit has been paid the work will be ordered with City Build who will contact you to make an appointment to start the work.
Once the work is completed by City Build they will ask you to sign a completion certificate.

How do I make the payments for the work?

When the work is complete we will send you a swipe card which you can use to make payments. The swipe card is like a bank or credit card.  You can agree with us how often you need to make payments. You must make all payments on time. If you are having difficulties making payments then contact us immediately.