Repairs - types of repairs


Repairs which will not seriously interfere with the comfort and convenience of the resident, for example:

  • Repairs to plasterwork
  • Repairs to doors and windows
  • Repairs to bathroom and kitchen fittings
  • New sanitary fittings (bath, toilet and wash-hand basin)


Repairs which seriously affect the comfort of the resident or cause potential damage to the property, for example:

  • Plumbing and drainage faults
  • Roof leaks
  • Majority of gas repairs
  • Partial loss of heating


Repairs, if not attended to, could cause serious damage to the building/property. Also a high safety risk to health of tenant, for example:

  • Gas leaks
  • Total electrical failure
  • Total heating failure (winter)
  • Burst pipes
  • Making the property safe, after storm damage


Repair Priorities

 Priority Target Completion Time
 4 hours Emergency
 Urgent – 1 day Urgent – complete within 1 working day
 Urgent – 3 days Urgent – complete within 3 working days
 Urgent - 7 days Urgent - complete within 7 working days
 15 days Attend by appointment, complete within 15 working days
Planned Maintenance Attend by appointment, complete within 40 working days