Fire safety procedures


If in doubt get outInformation for residents who live in high-rise blocks of flats

It is important that you know what to do if there is a fire.  

If you live in a high-rise block of flats, please make sure you are familiar with our emergency fire procedure.  

If a fire starts in, or close to your flat:

  • Alert any other people in your flat
  • Do not tackle the fire yourself unless you are sure it is safe to do so
  • Call the Fire Service by dialling "999" on the nearest telephone. (All calls are free)
  • Leave the flat immediately closing all doors behind you including the front door to your flat
  • If possible warn your immediate neighbours of the fire
  • If you have to leave the building, use the stairs. Do not use the lift.

If the building has a concierge service, they will call your flat to investigate the alarm. If you have an intercom and smoke alarm linked to the Enquiry Centre they will attempt to make contact with you to confirm the situation and call the Fire Service if required.

If the fire is in a flat in close proximity to your flat:

  • Follow the advice as above 

If there are signs of fire or smoke in the corridor or stairs and you are unable to leave your flat:

  • Close your front door
  • Close any doors which will help distance you from the fire or smoke
  • Call the Fire Service by dialing 999. Tell them what is happening
  • If you have no phone, call the concierge service or wave from your window to get the
    attention of passers by
  • Find the window that is furthest away from the fire or smoke. Open it to let fresh air in.

Think ahead:

  • Know your block - how would you help each other if a fire starts in, or close to your flat? Talk now with your family and neighbours - it could save your life.

Home fire safety check

We can arrange a free home fire safety check for our tenants - contact us on 0191 278 3842 for more information.

Riverside Dene fire alarm procedures