Housing Management - your estate

We manage properties on 340 estates spread across Newcastle.  Managing these estates well is a crucial and highly visible part of our work.

We have service standards so that our customers know the level of service they can expect to receive from us.  Click here to read the Housing Management service standards.

Newcastle’s tenants and residents want to live on pleasant estates and neighbourhoods which are safe, well maintained, in good repair and in which they can be proud.

We contribute to pleasant estates and neighbourhoods by:

  • running a network of local housing offices
  • linking with Tenant and Resident Associations and other community development agencies
  • tackling Anti Social behaviour
  • working in partnership with other agencies (such as Envirocall) to keep estates looking good
  • conducting regular estate walkabouts that give residents the opportunity to get involved in the management and maintenance of their estate
  • managing the Housing Project Fund, which pays for local environmental schemes that are not currently being addressed by mainstream funding.  Click here to find out more about the Fund.

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