Improving your home and estate

When will my home be improved?
Our modern homes programme was completed in December 2012. Since the start of the programme in 2005 we have modernised 28,266 properties. 

YHN is now self- financed which means we can choose where we carry out future investment in our housing stock. We will work alongside customers to create a long term investment programme to keep our homes desirable and modern.  Below is a summary of what each team within Assets and Regeneration does. The teams are managed by Jen Vinton, Head of Assets and Regeneration.

The vision for Property Services is to manage our assets and create properties for modern living for our customers.

We will do this by working to a strategy that says how we will invest money across the city. We will work closely with Newcastle City Council to make sure we achieve both of our priorities at the same time as meeting our customers’ needs.

Regeneration team

The Regeneration team manages remodelling, new build and environmental projects throughout the city. They manage the contracts with our construction partners and consult with customers and stakeholders. They are also responsible for a number of other projects including District and Group Heating and You’ve got the Power.

Assets and Programming team

The Assets and Programming look after our Capital Investment Programme - making improvements to homes to make sure they stay at, or above, the Decent Homes standard. They monitor how money is being spent, monitor the performance of projects, gather customer satisfaction and provide admin support to the other teams in Property Services.

Asset Information team

The team looks after all the information we hold about the assets we manage including homes, multi storey blocks and garages. They identify where we need to invest in estates and properties and plan the projects. Asset Information also provides information to other teams within Property Services so they can carry out improvement work and look at where we need make homes more energy efficient for example.

Byker team

The Byker team looks after any projects that the Byker Community Trust commissions us to carry out on their behalf. This includes monitoring the performance of the contractors and consulting with tenants on the Byker Estate. 

Leasehold and Right to Buy

Our Leasehold team manages properties that were sold under Right to Buy on a leasehold basis. The Right to Buy team works with tenants to help them purchase their home under Right to Buy regulations. Find out more about Leasehold and Right to Buy.

Our schemes

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