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How can CCAS help me?

The Community Care Alarm Service (CCAS) provides support services to keep you safe, so that you can live confidently and independently.

If you fall, feel unwell or unsafe, or you are worried by callers or strangers at your door, you can call for help simply by pressing a button no matter where you are in your home.

24-hour Response Centre and Mobile Wardens

We install a special Alarm Unit in your home which automatically connects to our 24-hour Response Centre when you press the alarm button.  We also provide a Personal Pendant which acts like a portable alarm button you can wear round the home.

When you press you alarm button, our team in the Response Centre can speak to you through your Alarm Unit and give you advice or contact your family, a doctor or the emergency services.  If you are using our Gold or Gold Plus service levels, we may also send a Mobile Warden to your home to help you.  Our Mobile Wardens are available all day, every day, whenever you need help and support at home.

Mobile Wardens


In addition to your Alarm Unit and Personal Pendant, we can provide Telecare sensors with Gold or Gold Plus service levels.  Telecare is a system of electronic sensors that works with your Alarm Unit to automatically detect safety risks in your home.  When a risk is detected, your Alarm Unit automatically dials our Response Centre for help.

Our most popular telecare sensors are fall detectors, flood detectors, pill dispensers and bed occupancy sensors.

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