The West Denton area

West Denton

YHN properties in the West Denton area are managed by staff in the West Denton housing office in the Outer West Customer Service Centre on West Denton Way. 

Over 90 Council services are available in the Customer Service Centre, including a Citizens' Advice Bureau and Job Centre.  The Centre also has a library, swimming pool and leisure facilities.  A YHN Advice and Support Worker is also based in the office.

Housing and estates in the area

There are around 1800 YHN properties in Westerhope and West Denton.  There are around 1900 YHN properties in Newburn and Lemington and there is also housing in Throckley and Walbottle.

YHN properties across the area are very popular and attract a lot of bids through the Your choice homes scheme.  Modern Homes work has also greatly improved the quality of housing.

YHN properties in Westerhope are a mixture of family housing and flats and bungalows which are mainly occupied by older residents.  YHN properties rarely become available.  There are also many private houses in Westerhope.

Some estates within West Denton are predominantly Council owned but with smaller  pockets of private sector housing. There is a mixture of housing types including houses, low/medium rise flats, bungalows and two multi storey blocks for tenants over 60 years old.  

YHN homes in Newburn and Lemington are mainly suitable for families.  Accommodation for single people and couples is in the Throckley Leazes and Millfield estates where there are blocks containing one and two bedroom flats.

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