Housing and estates in St Anthony's

St Anthony's spans the boundary between the Byker and Walker wards of Newcastle.  There are a number smaller neighbourhoods in the area.  There are 3054 YHN properties in this area:

  • 76% are houses
  • 23% are flats
  • 1% are bungalows.

South of Welbeck Road

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The part of St Anthony's estate which is south of Welbeck Road was built in the 1920s.  However, the area has been improved by work to the outsides of buildings and environmental and security works.

Byker Town

Byker Town is north of Welbeck Road and is made up of around 220 two-storey houses and 16 two-storey flats which were built in the 1920s/1930s. These properties would benefit from external environmental improvements and off road parking facilities but the area is popular and has a longstanding active tenants group.

Roman Avenue/Orpington Avenue

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Moving east towards Walker is the Roman Avenue/Orpington Avenue area. This area has different types of property which were built under the 1946 and 1967 Housing Acts.  There are 50 non-traditional “BISF” houses on Roman Avenue which were fully modernized in 1985. The 1967 Act saw 62 two-storey houses and 16 two-storey flats built in the area. These properties benefited from an external overhaul in 1990.  The area is generally very popular with few vacancies.



Cresswell Street and Benson Road

st anthonys pic 3The St Anthony's area has seen some later housing developments such as at Cresswell Street where 33 two-storey houses and 41-two storey flats were built from the mid 1970s.  At Benson Road, 39 two bedroom houses and 38 two-storey flats were built in the late 1970s.  The areas are popular - there are few empty properties throughout the year.


Central Walker/Monument estate

st anthonys pic 4The Walker/Monument estate is south of Grasmere Avenue.  This area consists of family homes with some two bedroom flats and 12 bungalows. The traditionally built properties in this area have generous gardens providing plenty of living space for families. 




Birds Nest Road

Birds Nest Road is in the south-west of the St Anthony's area,  Family homes and one bedroom flats are in this area. Improvements to properties and the environment have been carried out in recent years. Most homes now benefit from double glazing, new roofs and cavity wall insulation as well as driveways and metal fencing. The area is popular and settled.

Lancefield Avenue

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The Lancefield Avenue which lies at the southern end of the St Anthony's area. The area has traditionally built family houses and a number of three- storey blocks of flats. The flats are part of the Walker regeneration area and whilst they remain popular and in good condition, some blocks may be demolished to make way for new housing developments.





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