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Homes & People Summer 2010This article appeared in Homes & People Summer 2010

We want you, our tenants and leaseholders, to have a say in the services we provide and how we provide them.  We use the feedback you give us to make changes and improve the way we do things.  

To give you the chance to have your say, YHN has a dedicated Customer Involvement team that provides lots of different ways for you to get involved.    

Here are some examples of how getting involved has made a difference over the last year.

Service standards review –YHN produces service standards so that customers are clear about the level of service they can expect to receive from us.  These have been reviewed and updated using the information customers gave us in a series of discussion groups.

You said  We did
Timescales for invoicing should be included in the Leasehold Team service standards These are now included.
Dealing with appeals should be included in the Your Choice Homes service standards This is now a Your Choice Homes service standard - we will deal with 95% of appeals within 21 days
Dealing with anti social behaviour should have quicker response times

Our categories for response times have been changed - these are now:

  • Category 1 – 1 working day
  • Category 2 – 3 working days (instead of 5 days)
  • Category 3 – 5 working days (Instead of 10 days)

Communicating with Customers discussion group

You said We did
The Repairs Centre phone number should not be an 0845 number – this can be expensive for people with mobile The Repairs Centre number is 0191 277 8888, which will be free on some mobile phone packages

Business Strategy – we sent a draft of YHN’s Business Strategy document to the Readers’ Panel for them to check the content and the type of language used

You said We did
Some of the language is too difficult to understand and there are lots of references to documents we haven’t read We included a glossary of terms to explain and give more details about specific terminology

For more examples of how your involvement has made a difference, visit the Get Involved section of our website or contact the Customer Involvement team on 0191 278 8723.

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