Your Choice Homes - Service Standards


YCH booklet coverWhat is Your choice homes?

Your choice homes is the name of the city council’s lettings scheme, which is a partnership with other housing providers. The policy gives you the chance to choose your home from what we have available. We work in the Property Shop in the city centre and manage and monitor the lettings policy on the council’s behalf. We also have a health team, provided in partnership with Health and Social Services, which assesses any housing needs you have because of your health.

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What can I expect from the service?

Before joining the scheme

  • We will widely promote the scheme and provide information about how you can qualify to join.
  • We will check the details of your application and tell you if we need more information. When we receive all the information we need, we will write to let you know if you qualify to join the scheme.
  • We will offer you help and support to apply for and use the scheme. We will visit you at your home if you need us to.

While you are looking for a home

  • We will give you information that tells you how long you might have to wait for a home.
  • We will advertise homes in a range of ways so you will know which homes are available.
  • We will give you information about local services and amenities to help you choose where to live.
  • When we have offered you a home we will arrange to show you around the property.
  • We will tell you about furniture packages available through NFS.
  • Every month we will provide information about what homes have been let. This is to help you decide where you might get a home. We will publish this information on our website, in the property shop and in our Community Housing Offices.
  • We will contact you every year to check that you still want to be registered on the scheme.

After you have found a home

  • An officer from your local housing office will visit you within six weeks of you moving into your new home to make sure that there are no problems with your tenancy.
  • We will offer you the service of an advice and support worker if you are having any problems.

If you are unhappy with our decisions

  • We will tell you about our review and appeals procedure.
  • Within five working days of you asking for a review, we will confirm we have received your request.
  • When we receive your written request for a review, we will process it within 21 calendar days.
  • If your request for a review is not successful, we will send your case to a panel of independent officers to decide whether we should review our original decision. When they have decided, we will write to you within five working days to tell you the decision. 

Our service standards

  • When Your Choice Homes receives your application form we will aim to register 95% within five working days. we will write to you toconfirm this.
  • If you qualify to join Your Choice Homes, we will write to you confirm this. this will include your 'prspects' information, which tells you what homes you are able to bid for and how long you may have to wait, and a satisfaction survey so that you can tell us about the service we provided.
  • If you do not qualify to join Your Choice Homes, we will write to you to tell you:
  1. why this is
  2. what information we have considered
  3. what can be done to qualify. This will include what support will be available to you.
  • We will deal with 95% of appeals within 21 days.

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