Equality and diversity

Equality and diversity serviceWhat is equality and diversity?

YHN is committed to equality and diversity. We value and respect the rich variety of people with diverse backgrounds, cultures and beliefs who are part of the community we serve.

We have developed these equality and diversity standards by consulting you. They cover all the ways in which we have contact with you. This booklet explains what you can expect as a customer, and sets out which standards we will monitor regularly and report our performance on.

Our Service Standards

  • We will work with the Strategic Independent Advisory Group (SIAG) to agree an annual workplan.
  • We will annually review the Disability Action Plans for all our workplaces to make sure that access to our services meets the different needs of our diverse communities.
  • We will attend and take part in at least three meetings of the Housing Diversity Network Bench Marking Club per year.

What else you can expect from our service

We will work hard to achieve equality of opportunity by removing direct and indirect discrimination, harassment and victimisation on the grounds of:

  • age
  • gender
  • race, colour, nationality or ethnicity
  • disability
  • religious belief or non belief
  • marital status, family circumstances or caring responsibilities
  • lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender identity
  • any other status identified within the European Convention of Human Rights

We are determined to make sure that:

  • Our policies, procedures and working practices, in employment, service delivery and procurement, reflect our commitment to equality and diversity.
  • We comply with legal requirements and guidance such as:
  1. Race Relations Act
  2. Sex Discrimination Act
  3. Disability Discrimination Act
  4. EU Directives covering age, religion or belief and sexual orientation
  5. Audit Commission Diversity Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOE)
  • We aim to consult and involve SIAG* in our key equality and diversity issues that influence the services we provide and our employment and procurement practices.

* SIAG is the Strategic Independant Advisory Group. The group is a 'critical friend' to YHN in appraising our approach to equalities and diversity, especially at a strategic level on all new and significantly changed policies, procedures, housing services and functions.

  • We recruit the best staff, no matter what their age, sex, race or ethnic origin, disability, sexuality, or religion or belief.
  • We continue to make sure that our Community Housing Offices and public buildings are accessible to everyone.
  • We respond to local needs.
  • We meet the diverse needs of the communities of Newcastle.
  • We support independent living.
  • We make sure that our procurement practices, policies and processes drive equality forward and contribute to the region's economy.

Download the Equality and Diversity Service Standards leaflet here