YHN Performance


Performance Management

Our mission is to be the best housing provider in the North East.

We are committed to improving our performance in all areas of our business.  We use performance management to help us improve the services we provide to our customers. It is essential that we manage and report on our performance to ensure that we are continuing to provide excellent services and we need to be able to demonstrate this to our customers, including the city council. We also need to show that we are continually trying to improve and that we are working towards achieving our strategic objectives.

We will achieve our mission by investing in:

  • Support and care to communities
  • Three star excellent services
  • A quality workforce
  • Refurbishing and building homes 

We have a performance management framework in place which ensures that our strategic objectives are threaded though all levels of the organisation. It is designed to translate vision into action and to demonstrate the extent to which this occurs. The framework is used to drive improvement in services and is regularly improved to reflect customer focus, tenant priorities and local circumstances.

Performance is measured in a number of ways including:

What we do


We work with teams across YHN to help identify team targets through:

Performance indicators and targets are a way of measuring our successes and identify areas to improve performance.


We request an update on targets throughout the year from officers that have been designated responsibility for performance in their team.
Performance information is reported to various places including:

We help to identify areas of poor performance and work with managers to improve these.
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